Realm: Thril-Garëw

Capital City: Valatha

Royal Colours: Green & Gold

Symbol: Emerald vines twinning themselves about a golden tree.

Language: All elves speak High Elven, which was the language of the gods. Although the Common Tongue is spoken most, as dialects can vary from realm to realm. It is also makes communication between elves, humans and dwarves much easier.

Races: The Elves are the dominant inhabitants of Thril-Garëw, although there are  nomadic tribes of humans that roam the lands, and small settlements that live in the mountains. Dwarves also dwell in Thril-Garëw, although most remain in their underground cities, a few have chosen to live on the surface.

Government: A monarchy exists in Thril-Garëw and the Eliowën family has been the seat of power since the beginning of the Fourth Age. A High Council exists to aid the ruling monarch. The current ruler is King Ehrendil Eliowën.

Festivals: Each city and village has their own celebrations, but the Festival of Lights is celebrated by all. It represents stepping from the darkness (The Dark Times) and into the light. (Beginning of the First Age).

Religion: There are five elven gods that hold temples of worship in Thril-Garëw. Amithril (Goddess of the Hunt), Earil (God of the Sky/Harvest), Carath (God of the Sea), Vhae’ri (Goddess of War), Ildaer’lor (Keeper of the Dead/Guardian of the Veil).

These elven gods once walked the earth, immortal, worshiped and loved by all. After the War of the God’s, they vanished, and have not been seen in almost ten thousand years, although many believe they are simply watching from afar. The gods stepped in and put a stop to the Dark Times once, and will again when their people need them.

Each city and village have dedicated shrines to one or more of the gods, some of the people choosing to have small shrines or effigies in their home as well. Whilst the gods do not demand offerings, many make said offerings in times of struggle. If the crops are failing, one might leave an offering to Earil. Or a hunter may pray for a good hunt by promising Amithril a small kill if their hunt is fruitful.

There is, however a sixth god, only worshiped by the feral Wilderlings and Necromancers. Hath’Raal (God of Rebellion/Chaos).

Resources: Thril-Garëw is known for it’s crystal. A great many crystal mines are found across the realm, the majority scattered through the Lithailin lowlands. White-stone adamant, an almost indestructible rock is also mined in Thril-Garëw, and many great structures across Véneanár are made from this mineral, many can be found in the former elven lands of Nildör.

Dwarven steel is also very sought after, although this is export only, as the elven people are vulnerable to iron.

Weapons: As elves have a vulnerability to iron and steel, a great many of their weapons are made from silver, wood, adamant, obsidian and precious gemstones.

History: Before recorded history, there were The Dark Times. A time where Necromancy and dark magics were rampart. Necromancers reigned supreme with their blood rituals and sacrifices. The Vampire was created during this time, an un-dead solider, fully in control of their own minds.

For untold millennia the darkness reigned, until the god’s intervened, marking the beginning of The War of the Mages, a war that ravaged the lands for more than 700 years.  When the last necromancer lay dead, and all the dark tomes destroyed the god’s decided to remain in the mortal realm, to ensure the darkness never returned. Thus began recorded time.

Things remained peaceful throughout the First Age (1:1 – 1:5000) and the Second Age (2:1 – 2:5000) and the first centuries of the Third Age (3:1 – 3:5000).

The War of the Gods began in the year 3:415 when Hath’Raal rebelled against the other gods. The millennia spent in the mortal realm had slowly been sending him insane. He wanted to seize the power back from the mortals, to bring back the darkness. Finally, in the year 4:12Vhae’ri struck down her former lover, sending both Hath’Raal and herself to the Hell Pits.

The god’s returned to the immortal plane, never again interfering with the affairs of mortals. Times were somewhat peaceful again, Mhaënan Eliowën, Commander of the Armies, was awarded title of King, chosen by the god’s to protect the lands of Thril-Garëw. He built the Crystal Palace, he ruled for a thousand years, then one day, he vanished, though his line continues to rule til this day.


Map of Thril-Garëw

Thril-Garew Map