Re-Vamping my Newsletter & FREE eBook!

Once upon a time, I had a little newsletter. Said newsletter was a bit of good fun until life got extremely busy and the poor, poor little newsletter was lost, abandoned and forgotten. BUT The little newsletter has been revived, and it is making sure to not put so much pressure on itself. It will … Continue reading Re-Vamping my Newsletter & FREE eBook!


Tigerlilja By Erin Michelle Sky & Steven Brown

Title: Tigerlilja Author: Erin Michelle Sky & Steven Brown Genre: Young Adult, Fantasy My Rating: 5/5 The origin of Peter Pan and Tigerlilja, a companion novella to the Tales of the Wendy series. One, cursed by accident. The other, cursed by destiny. But losing everything isn’t always the end. Sometimes, it’s just the beginning. Tigerlilja is a brand new … Continue reading Tigerlilja By Erin Michelle Sky & Steven Brown

Phoenix Rising – First Draft Finally Complete! #fantasyfiction #amwriting

Yes, you heard right! I have finally finished the first draft! WOOOOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It has felt like a long time coming for this one, after a few false starts ( HERE #1 & HERE #2) but it is finally done. And I couldn't be happier. It has been a long hard road, and I admit, there … Continue reading Phoenix Rising – First Draft Finally Complete! #fantasyfiction #amwriting

Happily By Chauncey Rogers #blogtour @shanannigans81 @ChaunceyRogers #bookreview #guestpost #R&RBookTours

It Takes a Village – “Self” Publishing Thank you for hosting today, Errin! It’s a pleasure to be here on your blog! I just want to address some things about “Self” Publishing today. Happily is my third novel, and it is the third one that I’ve self published. However, I find that the term “Self … Continue reading Happily By Chauncey Rogers #blogtour @shanannigans81 @ChaunceyRogers #bookreview #guestpost #R&RBookTours