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Jarrah blinked, squinting at the figure lounging at the opposite end of the prison cell, his eyes taking a moment to adjust in the almost darkness. "Seriously? You! Again!" Sorenti looked up and grinned. "Miss me sweetheart?" "Fuck me!" Jarrah cursed, would he never be rid of this woman. She somehow showed up over and … Continue reading Fire & Ice #ShortStory #AmWriting #JustForFun #SundayBlogShare #WritingCommunity

I Wrote A Book… Now What?

Yep. So as you may know, I wrote a book and last month it was released. Yes, The Last Dragon Rider is now out there in the world, (hopefully being read by real live people such as yourselves). So now the question is what comes next? I spent a lot of time and effort into the launch … Continue reading I Wrote A Book… Now What?