Ryuutsu Art

If you have been browsing around my website, you may have noticed my website banner, and the character art? This is the amazing work from artist, Ryuutsu. I have been fortunate enough to find a talented artist who managed to bring my beloved characters to life so perfectly.

27294296_10214943619690351_443958445_nRyuutsu is a (currently) freelance digital artist from Slovenia. She first started actively drawing in 2008, largely influenced by anime at first. Soon after that, she picked up digital art and continued to create as a self-taught hobbyist, evolving from manga style to a more western style and stylized realism (primarily fantasy and sci-fi themed) that has been inspiring her lately. She graduated from Digital arts and practices at School of arts (University of Nova Gorica, Slovenia) and is most aspired to work in the area of illustration, concept art and animation, but is also interested in video design and post-production. 

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