Fire & Ice: A Blog Series

To some immortality is a blessing, to never age and never die. To stay young and beautiful for eternity.

To others, it is a curse, to watch those you love wither and die.

In Dregahn Prison, the criminal Sorenti awaits execution. The only problem? She cannot die. Murdered by her lover and cursed with immortality, Sorenti bides her time until her next death and inevitable escape.

Although fate it seem, have other plans when she is thrown together once more with the man who took her life over a thousand years ago.

Jarrah unknowingly holds the key to ending the curse and finally put an end their tragic story of death and desire. The blade of fire and ice is in his possession. 

Their relationship is volatile and full of barely contained hate, the weapon that cursed them their only salvation . Can she stand his presence long enough to end the cycle?

An epic quest of forgiveness and redemption. 

Fire & Ice Vol. 1: The Blooding