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FlintSaira_final_your are my everything

So, about me?

A Wayward Daughter, Whovian and all round fan-girl, who has an unhealthy attachment to fictional characters, (including my own) and is way too invested in the love lives of said fictional characters and prone to long rants about such romances. Be it TV, books or video games.

By day, I’m a mum to two beautiful children, happily married, and a chef. My family and I live in regional Victoria, Australia.

By night, I’m a fantasy/romance writer who has been writing since she was a small child. My head has always been full of stories and I began writing my first novel when I was sixteen. My first book, The Last Dragon Rider, was published by The Wild Rose Press in August 2017.

I love storytelling, especially when it involves dragons and elves, mages and warriors, troubled princes and beautiful princesses, romance, magic, and adventure.

Creating vibrant characters, fantastical worlds and all manner of magical creatures brings me joy.

I love reading and reviewing and so long as there is decent romance involved, I will try reading most anything.


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2 thoughts on “My Bio

  1. Hemangini says:

    Hi Wayward Chef… I just love your about me. A chef and a writer. Both the professions I have a thing for. hahha Your book sounds so interesting, I read about the two main characters and it sounds good. Wish you all the best for your book. Oh and wish you a belated Merry Christmas and Happy New year. 🙂 Have lots of fun and success in the coming year.

    Liked by 1 person

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