What’s New With Me? What’s New With You?

So you many have noticed I have been a bit absent with the whole blogging thing. I’d say I was sorry and promise not to disappear again, but let’s face it, I cannot make such a promise because stuff happens. Life etc. So on and so forth.

So here is me, making absolutely no promises about trying to blog on the regular. My life is busy, what can I say.

I have recently rejoined the workforce after 5 1/2 months off, as finances dictate that I must return early. (Anyone else think money is the worst? No, just me? OK then.) 

I’v joined the gym in a vain hope of trying to shed a bit of this post baby weight that I am lugging around. And if I’m being completely honest, I never really lost much when I had my son, but, enough is enough, it is time. The last few mornings I have been up at 5:30am and at the gym by 6am. (Tell me that’s not dedication!) This morning I dragged my butt  back through the front door after a grueling cardio session (grueling by my super unfit standards anyway) and everyone was still asleep! The 3 1/2 month old was only just beginning to stir!

Anywho, this post was not supposed to be about all the excuses.

It’s about the million and one new project ideas I have and hope (fingers crossed) I hope that I can find the time to work on them.

OK, maybe not millions, but one or two is still a lot you know!

Firstly first is a couple of short story serials that I have in the pipeline. You know, just something small to pluck away at when I needs a bits of a breaksy from my main works. I am actually really excited about these. I’ll hopefully have some more on that in the future.

They will be posted on this here blog for all to read at their leisure. Or not, whatever, I’m going to write them anyway. 😉

I’d love to get my Patreon page up and running again, with a little bit of luck and A LOT of time management, I’m hoping to get that working again in the not too distant future. You know, just in case people REALLY like the stories.

Either way, they will be available on the blog. 🙂

My publisher has recently announced that they are starting up a children’s line, so naturally I had a bunch of story ideas fall into my head (Seriously, is there an off switch for this thing?) My lovely artist friend has agreed to collaborate with me on it, you know, when I eventually get around to that.

I am onto my read through of Phoenix Rising, I have printed it up and my amazingly supportive hubby is going to take it along to work and bind it for me. Cause you just know I’m gonna lose those loose pages, the universe is just daring me to do it.

And luckiest of lasts, the outlining of book 3 (Tentatively called ‘In A Land of Gods and Dragons’ not sure yet…) is well under way! I am super excited to get started on this one! I can’t wait to torture these new characters…ah…I mean, write a lovely fluffy story where they frolic in the field with unicorns and bunnies…

So that’s me for now.

How are you?



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