“Flyaway strands of coppery hair framed her face, loosened from her braid in flight. She swiped the back of her hand across her forehead, smearing blood and grime across her pale skin, golden eyes still bright from the high of being in battle.”

Commission - Sairalindë2




Tall and slender with tresses of burnt copper hanging past her waist, which is often coiled high upon her head, strands often falling loose to be brushed behind the tapered points of her ears.

Delicately arched brows rest above eyes of molten gold, in a face of pale skin and high cheekbones, her pink lips set in a perfect pout.

Sairalindë is an only child and has trained since she was eight years old to be her father’s successor as High Druid. At twelve years old Sairalindë also began warrior training, after her mother, a Dragon Rider, was killed in battle.

At seventeen she earned her place among the Dragon Riders while continuing her druid and magical studies under her father’s tutelage. Sairalindë took her place as High Druidess at twenty-one after her father’s premature death.

She grew up alongside the kings own children and due to her fathers close friendship with King Ehrendil, she and Prince Flintathriël were promised to each other as children.

For years they both fought against the match, before realising their true feelings for each other, allowing themselves to finally admit their love for one another.

Sairalindë is intelligent, strong willed, driven and ambitious, and is prone to getting carried away and lost in her work. Normally a strict follower of rules, she can become over excited when it comes to her research and has been known to on occasion to rush ahead without thinking, much to the amusement of Flintathriël, who, himself, sees rules as more of guidelines.

While being a practical type, she is also as a fearsome warrior, putting just as much time and energy into her physical training as her magical and druid training.

She takes great pride and pleasure in her work and loves sharing her knowledge and training with others.

While Sairalindë is often perceived as too serious for one so young, and takes her position as a keeper of her peoples traditions and histories very seriously. Those close to her know she has a softer side and a great capacity for love.

The love she has for Flintathriël runs pure and deep. He is ingrained on her very soul and nothing in this world or the next could keep them apart.

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