Character Profile – MNUVAE TAMURÍL

“Her father had been king, it mattered little that her mother had not been his wife. They would soon bow fealty to the bastard child they cast aside. The one whose golden hair was not pale enough, nor her gray eyes the correct shade of silver.”

RaceCommission - Mnuvae2


Mnuvae is slender with waves of golden hair that falls part way down her back. She has stormy grey-eyes.

Mnuvae is the illegitimate daughter of the former king, Aranel and his mistress Soniia

Her uncle Cëladyn, the kings youngest brother, and the only other to know of her existence, took charge and care of her education. With the untimely death of her tutor, young Mnuvae was forced to fend for herself for several years, loosing touch with her uncle.

Rejected and cast out by Flintathriël’s father, King Ehrendil, who did not believe her claim, Mnuvae grew angry and bitter at the loss of the life that should have been hers. When they were reunited by chance years later, Cëladyn began training her in the forbidden art of necromancy, channeling her rage and bitterness into her magic.


Ruthless and calculating, Mnuvae will stop at nothing to reclaim the throne she believes is rightfully hers. She also harbors a deeps resentment and anger at the family that cast her aside while also secretly harboring a degree of longing and envy. She loves Cëladyn like the father she should have had, only truly letting her guard down with him. She likes to have Cëladyn’s approval, it makes her feel worthy, validated in her claims.

She is highly focused in the pursuit of her goals, and her natural charisma is admired by her followers, and like to feel superior to others.

She easily gives in to self-indulgence

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