Character Profile – FAËLWYN ELIOWËN

“His twin’s voice shattered his reflection. Faëlwyn’s gaze met his, her features so unlike his own… with her long sleek hair, black as sin, kept knotted at the base of her neck, and vibrant topaz eyes. She too had been welcomed into the ranks of the Nuvian, with her remarkable focus and marksmanship…”

Commission - Faëlwyn2Race


Tall and lean with long silky black hair that falls to mid-waist, the points of her ears often visible as she keeps its length pulled back and tied at the base of her neck. Delicately shaped eyes-brows rest above vibrant topaz eyes, which, for anyone looking closely, have a ring of pale green around them.
She has phoenix feather tattoos branching out from beneath her eyes, tiny feathers sweeping back beneath her ears and disappearing over her shoulders, red, green and gold feathers swept around beneath her rib cage like wings, fanning across her belly and sweep down her thighs.


Twin sister to Flintathriël, Faëlwyn had a very similar upbringing, becoming close friends with Sairalindë also.

Raised in the palace like her siblings, she joined the Nuvian with her brother at fifteen.  Faëlwyn had spent most of her younger years studying and training, never taking the notion of love very seriously. But upon joining the Nuvian, she became instantly infatuated with her commander, Theron. She took great pleasure in flustering the newly minted commander, over the years until the girlish crush turned into a deep love.

Though it had taken, despite her efforts, until the final year of Nuvian training for Theron to succumb completely. Nuvian train for close to a decade to master their runes.


Faëlwyn is strong willed, decisive, practical and tough minded. She is passionate and loyal. She values the close relationships she has with her family and friends. She has a special bond with her brother Flintathriël and has spent very little time apart since childhood.

Faëlwyn is competitive, especially when it comes to her brother, and has been known to be just as mischievous at times, yet does exhibit a slightly more serious demeanor when situations call for it.

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