“He slouched against the frame, all lean muscle and sharp angles beneath his leathers. Silver-white hair fell across his forehead, hiding the dark arches of his brows as he gazed at her with silvery blue eyes, the mop of hair barely touching his shoulders.”





Tall and lean, like most of his kind. Silver-white hair falls to the base of his neck, the points of his ears visible through its length and his eyebrows are a little darker. He has pale silver-blue eyes.
He has the tattoos curling down from his bottom lip, winding and weaving their way down his chin and neck, then twist and spread across his shoulders, across his back, and along his arms.

Flintathriël is heir to the throne, an elven prince raised to rule and trained to fight. Older than his twin sister by mere minutes, he also has a little brother, younger by a little over a decade.

From childhood he was betrothed to Sairalindë, a fact he spent most of his formative years fighting against, parading his conquests through the halls where she studied. Until, one day it all fell into place, and he realised he loved her. Though he spent many years denying his feelings.

From the age of fifteen, he began training to become one of the Nuvian along with his twin sister, Faëlwyn. He earned the rank of Nuvian at age twenty-four, one year early. The day he received his tattoos, was the day he and Sairalindë stop playing games, finally allowing themselves to be together.

Flintathriël is arrogant, cocky and almost always has a mischievous smirk upon his lips. Charismatic, extroverted, he doesn’t take many things seriously. Those who do not know him, can be mistaken into thinking he is nothing more than another entitled lord.

Yes, he is self-confident, and has a zest for life that others find contagious. But he did not rise through the ranks of the elite on his sparkling personality alone.

Flintathriël is intelligent, quick-thinking, practical, and driven. He is hard working, competitive and highly focused in the pursuit of his goals. He does have a tendency to become so singular with his focus, that everything else falls away.

Flintathriël is not one for introspection, dwelling on his own darker emotions makes him uncomfortable, and he would rather embrace the good things in life.

He enjoy the pleasures of the senses and doesn’t believe in any form of self-denial, especially in regards to his betrothed.

Once Flintathriël has given his heart away, it is for life. He counts himself the luckiest man alive to have fallen so deeply in love with the woman his father chose for him, and at such a young age. His love for Sairalindë is pure and true, he is utterly devoted to her for the rest of his life. She is his reason for being and would sacrifice the world for her if she asked. (Which she wouldn’t)

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