Coming To Audio! The Last Dragon Rider

So I’m finally doing it. The Last Dragon Rider is coming to audio!

SO EXCITING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My awesome publisher, The Wild Rose Press, has offered this as a service for quite some time now, but you know, can’t rush these things and all, considerations and all that. (Or I kept procrastinating…) But I’m doing it now so that’s all that matters. Headphones on books and flying notes. The concept of audiobooks

(Maybe now I can get the hubby to listen to my book!)

So I filled in the spec sheet a couple of weeks ago, which was kind of cool. (I fill in the associated paperwork and the wonderful marketing team takes it from there.) I had to choose a section for potential narrator auditions to read. AND I could also specify accents! So I asked for and English female with an engaging voice. I dunno, when I think fantasy I think British. That’s how they sound in my head. (I blame you Game of Thrones!) 

I also wrote up a character pronunciation sheet. Which ended up as me sifting through the entire manuscript to find all the elven names, places and important phrases. Keeping my fingers and toes crossed that someone out there could at least half pronounce their names the way I do.

Well, I need not have worried on that front! Earlier this week I received an email from the marketing department letting me know that I had someone interested in auditioning and yesterday I received the audio sample.

I loved it! I may have listened to it about ten times… and that was just yesterday. The narrators voice is perfect and she absolutely nailed the names! Spot on! If I’m being completely honest, she says them better than me! Sounds so cool!

So we are go for audio!

It’s all very exciting!

I shall keep you all posted on the progress.


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