Too Many Books Not Enough Time!

So I have a problem. The same problem book lovers from all over the world have. That ever growing TBR list that just keeps growing, and growing, and growing!

I promised myself I wouldn’t add anything to the list, or buy any new books until I at least read the ones I have at home…


Recently I binge watched the first two seasons of ‘Anne with an E’ on Netflix (great show btw) and found myself adding Anne of Green Gables to my Goodreads list. There’s something like 8 or 9 books in that series!

Whats worse is the lack of time I have!

There was a time way back when (like I’m taking high school before life happened) when I used to read 3 novels in a weekend. I would start Friday evening and plant myself on the couch or lie on my bed or outside if it was a nice day and just read, read, read.

Now, my days are filled with just basic life. Housekeeping, mummy-ing, writing.

With kids at home, I don’t really find that spare time during the day. Well, I mean, I could probably sneak 15-20 mins, but I can’t only ready 1 or 2 pages at a time. And If I try for longer? I can absolute, 100% guarantee that right when things are getting intense, exciting or heartbreaking, that will be the moment the baby will cry, or my son needs a snack.

Plus I have this obsessive need to finish reading at the end of a chapter, (I have been late to work because I just HAD to finish the chapter) Yes, I have some fussy reading habits.

Last week I found myself purchasing the ebook version of books I’m already halfway through reading just so I can read at night! I haven’t been able to read in bed, this is in large part due to the 2 month old baby sleeping in the bassinet beside me. And the fact that it is the middle of winter in my neck of the woods and it’s too freaking freezing to be shivering under a blanket on my couch with crappy heating.

Then, it’s a toss up of if I should be reading, or if I should be writing. Which is a total catch 22 since I write/edit way better when I’m reading regularly. I wanna read, cause, um, a million books to read, but I need to get this manuscript edited. And round and round we go.

Probably the e-book rout is going to be easiest right now it seems. It gives me an excuse to buy new books, haha!



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