Life Update: #writermum – New Baby Girl

Hi all! I’m back!

I do hope you have been enjoying the guest posts the last few weeks. And once again a big thank you to all those who helped me out on that front!

So just a quick little update on my last few weeks.

My husband and I welcomed our baby girl, Lyla Grace, on the 28th of March via c-section.

Ollie is very much enjoying being a big brother. He’s very anxious for her to be old enough to play with. But, we made sure he got a few little gifts when she was born. I was really worried he might feel left out with much of the attention going to Lyla, but nope. He’s been fantastic with her.

I recovered much quicker this time around and, surprise surprise, things are much easier the second time when you have half an idea of what to do. With Ollie it was very much a case of ‘Oh crap, now I have to take him home!’ So a bit less stressful when you’ve already successfully managed not to break the first one.

She sleeps amazingly well. Already sleeping in 4 hr blocks overnight which is great. I do the midnight feeding and my husband does the 4am so we both get a decent chunk of sleep which is awesome!

She is six weeks old now and I am gradually getting back into some writing and editing during nap time on days Ollie is at Kinder. My editor at TWP is amazing and I’m under no pressure to have book 2 edits done on a deadline.

Saying that, first round of edits are 55% done and have set myself a rough time frame.

And that’s what I’ve been up to!



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