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I’d love to welcome digital artist Ave to the blog!

Check out her beautiful artwork and learn a little more about the artist. 

Thank you for joining us Ave!


Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/aveedraws/

DeviantART: https://avenk.deviantart.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/aveedraws/

About Ave

I’m Ave and I’m a 24 year old digital illustrator from Slovenia. I thought about what I should write about that hasn’t been said by artists before many times. So I decided to tell a little story from my childhood.


Unlike most artists, I initially really disliked drawing when I was a young child. I especially hated colouring books that my parents gave me in hopes of distracting me while they took a nap. I tried colouring for a little bit and then immediately gave up because the colouring pencils were making my tiny hands hurt. It was no wonder; I was gripping the pencils very tightly and was pressing on the paper so hard that I’m surprised I didn’t rip it (I definitely did crumple it).

My mother is a Primary school teacher and she really wanted me to develop my creativity and imagination. She thought it was important for children to express themselves creatively so she tried to make drawing fun for me and drew silly stuff with me for hours. Mostly it was her drawing and telling stories about the drawings while I watched. I remember her struggling to draw a dog and when she gave up she turned him into a pig which was top-notch comedy for my kid-self back then. But while I liked listening to stories and observing her draw it still didn’t make me pick up the pencil myself.avedraws_rusalka

That all changed one day in kindergarten when we got “homework” to ask our parents to draw us something and bring it the next day. I was a fan of chickens so my dad drew me a rooster. When I inspected the drawing for the first time, I thought it was the most beautiful drawing I have ever seen and all the other kids were equally impressed. I still remember how that rooster looked like; it was brown and orange with a big green feathery tail. My father is not an artist but he did draw a lot as a kid. Sadly I couldn’t convince him to draw me many more drawings because he was so embarrassed by his lack of drawing skills. I didn’t understand why; to me they looked gorgeous.

So I was inspired to draw more myself. And now I’m here, still drawing and making art into my career. Hi mom.

avedraws_strawberryIf we take a moral from this story; many artists think they’re not good enough, that there will always be someone better than them (I’m guilty of this too on occasions). But we, as artists, need to realise that just because someone out there might be better than us that it doesn’t mean our art is worthless. My child self was not inspired by some great famous artist. I was inspired by a man who didn’t even think of himself as an artist. Your work, no matter at what level, can bring joy to someone else and I think that’s the beauty of art and the biggest motivator to continue to create. Inspire and let yourself be inspired by others.

Don’t forget to check out Ave’s social media so see more of her wonderful art! 

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