An Interstate Ghost Story: The Girl on the Highway: By Phil Sanderson – Meet The Characters #GuestPost #paranormal #horror

An Interstate Ghost Story: The Girl on the Highway is more than just a fictional Southern folktale.  It is a story of redemption, love, and — most importantly — justice.  The central thread holding it all together is the inclusion of solid and easily-identifiable characters.  This article will give you the perfect introduction to some of these major keys of excitement.Girl on the Highway CoverRedux

  1. Cliff Rodger:  The protagonist is a disgraced paranormal investigator who was busted for using props on his reality ghost investigation series on the Discovery Channel.  Executives immediately fired him, cancelling his series before the ink was dry on the termination of his contract.  Now, the failed investigator struggles to reclaim his credibility by taking any contracts he can find.  Cliff hears about a major accident on Interstate 65 and theoretically ties it to the legend of the “Girl on the Highway”.  After finding out that the Alabama Highway Patrol has been tasked to make the highways safer, he contacts Stan Winston, the troop commander in charge.  Surprised and grateful upon receiving the offer, he accepts Stan’s contract to investigate I-65 for any possible paranormal phenomenon.


  1. Amanda Heath:  Lt. Amanda Heath is the assistant troop commander to whom Stan has delegated the task of determining why so many more accidents have been occurring within their jurisdiction along I-65.  She succeeded in making a name for herself despite the sexual derision of many of her male peers.  After Cliff is hired to investigate, she is assigned to be his host in Montgomery, giving him anything he needs for his effective and efficient investigation and opening any doors to him that may prove necessary for successful completion of his duties.  However, she also happens to be a former fan of his cancelled show.  She and Stan both watched Ghost Stalkers together during their lunch breaks.  She had been enthralled during the televised investigations and even found herself physically attracted to Cliff.  Stan never believed any of the science, but enjoyed the show’s captivating premise and also found Cliff to be very intellectual and charismatic.  However, he always teased Amanda for believing in ghosts at all.  Amanda was one of many who took it hard when news abounded of Cliff’s fraudulent conduct.  She has lost every ounce of respect for him and despises the thought of working with him.  And she has no problem letting him know during their very first meeting.  Alas, she also no longer believes in ghosts.


  1. Stan Winston:  Capt. Stan Winston is a former Marine who eventually became a state trooper and quickly climbed the leadership ladder, obtaining authority as the troop commander in charge of Troop G in Montgomery, Alabama.  As mentioned above, he has been tasked to make the highways safe.  The areas of responsibility of all other troops consistently see far less accident occurrences, drawing major concern towards Stan’s troop.  Having implemented his own personal investigations into physical potential causes of accidents and reporting the results to his own superiors, he feels at a complete loss as to how this excessive number of mishaps continue to occur year after year.  Thus, he has decided to finally think outside the box, and hire Cliff Rodger to investigate the notorious legend of the “Girl on the Highway” in hopes that doing so will maybe give him some answers along with Cliff’s possible solutions.


  1. The Highwayman:  This notorious serial killer who has yet to be captured occasionally positions corpses on the highway causing his own detestable brand of peril.  His methods do not cause but a small fraction of the mayhem that Capt. Winston is investigating.  But it is not certain whether or not he has any connection to the ghost girl haunting I-65.


  1. The Ghost Girl:  Not much is known about the “Girl on the Highway”.  Witnesses give two vastly contradictory descriptions of her.  The first description is of a pretty, blonde-haired girl who wears a winter overcoat.  The second is a horrific entity that looks more like a zombie.


As you can see, two of the story’s main characters are state troopers.  An Interstate Ghost Story:  The Girl on the Highway was written in dedication to these brave highway warriors all over the United States.  Of course, we never like seeing flashing blue lights in our rear-view mirrors; but their unarguable contribution to highway safety far outweighs our inconvenience of getting well-deserved tickets for speeding in far excess of posted speed limits.  All attempts have been made to portray state troopers as heroically as possible in this body of work while telling an intriguing story that I’m confident will keep you turning the pages to the very end.

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