Life/Book Update + Seeking Guest Bloggers/Authors/Artists #bloggers #guestpost #author #readers #fantasyfiction

Book Stuff: Ok, well, if anyone saw my earlier post you will know that today I finished the first draft of Phoenix Rising! SUPER EXCITED about that! (HERE)

Life Stuff: You also may have seen me mention a few times that I am expecting my second baby soon? Well, when I say soon, I mean next week. Monday to be exact. (Yes, we are excited!!!) 

This little piece of news brings be to the Guest Post Thing. I am aware that I have been a little slack on the blogging, but I have been trying to desperately get my novel finished, (which now I have), but since I have a new bub arriving very, very soon, I might be busy for a little bit so the blog might drop off again.

Being that I am going to be busy with a new born very soon I’m hoping a few bloggers or writers might be interested in doing a guest post?

A promo post for your book?

A topic related to your books?

A review?

What are some of your favorite books? Pretty much as long as it’s related to books or writing your covered.

I am also keen to get a few artists interested in showcasing their work also.

You can even participate in my Saturday Showcase, (I would love to start this one up again.)

So if you, or someone you know might be interested, please contact me and let me know.


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