Phoenix Rising Update + New 7 Week Plan!

I have just hit 70,000 words on Phoenix Rising!

I am so, so close to the end! The villain has just met his demise and I’m almost there! I know I’m not there yet, BUT this feels like such a milestone right now and I just HAD to share!

Fingers crossed, I should be able to finish the first draft by this time next week. (Again, fingers crossed.)

As of last week, I am officially on maternity leave, and bub is due in 7 weeks. I currently have three full days when I am at home alone, whilst my husband is at work and Mr 4 is at kindergarten. Tonnes of free writing time!

Sooooooooo, THE PLAN.

THE PLAN is this: – Finish manuscript.

– Edit.

– Beta Readers.

– Edit.

– Submit before baby arrives.

So, wish me luck!


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