Inching Ever Closer To The Finish Line! (Or A Tale Of Procrastination?)

The lines are drawn. Sides have been chosen. The army awaits the signal from the infiltrators. The final battle is about to begin…

So why am I so reluctant? Why do I keep stalling? I am literally on the eve of the final fight and I am…stalling? Why?

Well, I wish I knew. The rest of the book is plotted, the course is set. Literally. I have dot points of the final scenes right there, guiding my heroes through the final fight to victory. They are just waiting for me to tell them what to do. And yet, here I am, avoiding and making excuses not to simply finish the damn thing.

It’s always:

I’m busy. (I have time after work/child goes to bed)

I can’t because my son is at home. (He’s 4, he can play with leggo for half an hour.)

Or I’m tired (I’m 30wks pregnant so I feel slightly valid in this excuse…sometimes…)

I just don’t know what it is. I am soooo close, yet there is some kind of fear factor stopping me from just plowing through, so I make excuses. Which I find real odd and annoying because I was on such a roll! I am excited to finish, yet for some reason scared at the same time.

Perhaps it is because me and this book (Phoenix Rising) had such a difficult and painful beginning? (had to scrap the original draft for story reasons.) Is it any good? Is it terrible? Am I a one trick pony and only have one book in me?

I honestly do not know.

But starting next week I am on maternity leave from work and will have 3 days a week where Mr 4 is in Kindergarten. So, I REALLY won’t have any excuses when I have 3 solid days at home alone for the next 8 weeks. And I really, really do want this book submitted before baby is due in the end of May.

So, here’s hoping I get over whatever it is and I stop with the procrastination and just get on with it!





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