A Refreshing Encounter. #MondayBlogs

Late last week, I was at a family gathering and I had a refreshing encounter for a change. Often people ask me about my book and my writing, family, friends, work colleagues and the like. I get excited, writing is my passion and I love it and love talking about it. So I’m always quite eager and enthusiastic when someone expresses interest.

But then, as soon as I to actually begin to talk about it, I always watch as their eyes glaze over with disinterest and it’s always disappointing. If your not actually interested, please don’t ask.

So, these are the encounters I usually experience which leaves me with the usual “yes it’s very exciting” followed by a change in subject. It can get a little disheartening at times. It’s a big deal to me and a lot of not so proverbial blood, sweat and tears went into writing it.

But last week, I was talking to a couple people who were legitimately interested and it was wonderful. They asked me questions, how do I come up with ideas, how did I go about getting published, what the book was about and a million other things. What books do I like to read, have I always wanted to write.

It was a genuinely pleasant conversation which I don’t often get to have. It was just nice and I enjoyed it a lot.


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