#T5W Top 5 Wednesday: Hidden Gems in Your Favorite Genre

Top 5 Wednesday is a weekly challenge. Find the Goodreads group here.

TOPIC: HIDDEN GEMS IN YOUR FAVORITE GENRE – What are some of your favorite books in your favorite genre that don’t get a lot of hype? 

Jacinta Maree is a local Melbourne author. I have actually met her a few times at conventions and her books are fantastic! I loved this book, got hooked right from the start. Full of ups and downs, twists and turns, truths and betrayals. Beautifully flawed and complex characters. This book really had everything I could have wanted! And yes, it more than filled my pre-existing need for romance!
The Wendy is brand new, only just released a few weeks ago, but I love it so much! It is a retelling of the classic Peter Pan tale from J.M Barrie. Wendy is a diviner with the British Home Office and Clandestine Services, recruited to sense magic that no one really believes in. Peter Pan the leader of the everlost, with feathered wings and fearsome fangs and Hook is a young dashing sea captain with a mane of luscious locks.
Superheroes, masked vigilantes, family drama and a touch of romance? Count me in! Tess is dying of a rare and incurable disease that has struck down members of the population. She does not want to die alone in her hospital bed, but on her own terms, watching the meteor shower and witnessing something beautiful in her final moments.
But here’s the thing, they are not her final moments. Upon waking, Tess feels better than she has in months, and with some new found superpowers.
Consider me bias on this one, but this was written by my lovely mum and I just adore the characters in this! Mum and this book are actually the reason I would take a shot an attempt the author thing myself. The Cross of Tarlis has heroic princes and princesses, magical curses, sorcerers, faeries, elves, action, adventure and of course romance.
I have one word for you. Mermaids. Yes, this book had mermaids! It’s like a Disney fantasy come to life… you know, if Ariel was too busy with her very important mission while Eric tried his hardest to woo her while she fought their attraction at every turn. Secrets, lies, magic, love, lust and betrayal made for an excellent read.


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