Finally A Phoenix Rising Update!

Yes, I am finally making enough worthwhile progress to share with you! Hooray!

So, as some of you may know, I have been struggling with the whole writing bit for the last few months, I had a lot of work drama, family drama, a fresh bout of anxiety as well as some pretty awful morning sickness, ugh! I just wasn’t having a good time. To the point I actually felt the need to write my editor to let her know I was behind on where I would have liked to have been.

If anyone remembers, I had a pretty impressive goal of having Phoenix Rising ready for submission by new years, so yeah, I’m a bit behind. Buy, luckily I have and AMAZING editor and her support took a bit of the stress away. (Amanda, you are awesome!)

So, anyway, to the update!

I have only one scene left to finish for chapter 12 and I have literally just finished outlining each scene for the rest of the book. Which, in case you are interested, is entering the final stages. We are gearing up to head into the final battle!

And I am so excited! Big things ahead. Angst and heartbreak? Check! Epic magic battle? Check! Lives in peril? Check! Dragons? Maybe…

So, new goal…. maybe… finish the last couple chapters by end of February, then hardcore editing in March/April once I have cut my work hours. Working in a kitchen whilst eight months pregnant can be a tad problematic. 🙂

So, wish me luck!


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