Endings: Happily Every After? Or Beautifully Tragic? #MondayBlogs

We’ve all been there. We’ve smiled and squealed with delight when you turn the final page and the hero & heroine ride off into the sunset and get their happily ever after.

We’ve also been there when the hero and heroine finally get to be together after whatever trials and tribulations have been thrown their way only for tragedy to strike and their happily ever after is cut short.

I have to say, me, personally am a sucker for both depending on the mood.

But, call me a masochist, I do love a book that leaves me a weeping mess on the floor and unable to function like a regular person for days after. Although, it gets a little awkward when your on your break at work and you can’t control your emotions. Then frustrating when you explain to your co-workers the trauma you just experienced and they stare at you like you have grown a second head… ( I don’t understand how people DONT get emotionally invested in books! A book will have 10 times the emotional impact on me.)

If I go through my books, movies and TV shows, I can guarantee at least 80% are things that will leave you blubbering for days. Every read any Cassandra Clare? Sarah J. Maas? Watched Supernatural? If you answered yes, then you understand where I’m coming from.

Generally this is where I need to dig out my good old romance novels. Kathleen Woodiwiss and Johanna Lindsey can always leave me smiling. And after reading some of the books I have, I definitely need a good dose of fluff.

But if I have to choose? It’s going to be beautifully tragic. As I said above. Masochist.

So which do you prefer? The happy ever after? Or the tragic end?


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