Goals For 2018 – Another New Years Resolution

Yes, 2018 is now in full swing! Another year is over, so naturally it is that time to make goals and promises that I will no doubt have broken before mid year.

But, hey, it’s definitely worth a shot! And hopefully I can get a few things ticked off my list! So here it goes!

It’s a pretty simple list really?


I want to finish my two novels this year. Phoenix Rising (Book 2) is roughly 4-5 chapters away from completion. The same can be said for Midnight Redemption, again, maybe 5 chapters from completion.

And if I get that done? I may have a second novella that I could possibly complete.

Big goals, I know right. But you know what they say. Go hard or go home. Dream big and all that. So we’ll see what happens.


Again simple. Read more. My once extensive list of TV shows has now dwindled down to 4, so if I go to bed each night and read a few chapters this is easily doable…at least until our new bub makes an appearance at the end of May. 🙂 My 2017 list of books read was pathetic, I must do better!


One blog a week surely isn’t that hard right? If I do nothing other than review all the books I’m going to read this shouldn’t be a problem, right? Plus, I’m going to be writing more, so again, simple blogging once a week, again, should be doable…


Take photo’s of the books i’m reading! How hard is that to do!


Again, I have the memes, I have the Social Media accounts and I have a scheduling program, this should not be as difficult to sort out. Just do it already!

Ok, so with that all said and done, I am hoping to do better. I had a lot going on in the last few months (all the drama HERE) plus battling horrible morning sickness and exhaustion. Seriously, whoever said pregnancy is a wonderful and beautiful experience was full of crap, I do not feel wonderful and beautiful!

Anywho, I’m feeling a bit more like myself again and it’s a new year with a fresh start and fresh goals! Lets see what the year will bring!

Do you have any goals/resolutions for 2018?


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