My Internet Dependency

I never realised how dependent I was on the internet until this week when I had none.

And it was horrible and serious first world problem!

For starters, no Internet meant no Netflix, and also no steaming apps. So no TV unless I wanted to watch the news, which I vehemently did not! If the world is going to end, I’d rather go out in ignorant bliss, thank you very much.

Or whatever crappy reruns or soap is on. Nothing against soaps, just not my thing. So for a chronic binger like myself, this was hell! How was I supposed to re-watch Riverdale for the hundredth time without internet! How I ask you!

Not to mention my gaming experience! Certain parts of certain games were inaccessible to me. Looking at you Andromeda and your Apex missions… Or I couldn’t update, which meant I couldn’t play.

But the absolute worst, was my writing and all the stuff that goes with it. I couldn’t access my files via Dropbox from anywhere but my desktop.  I couldn’t sync my OneNote app with all the notes I had written in my phone to the desktop. There were piles of emails I had to answer from my phone. That got irritating real fast when each time I scrolled down the thing refreshed and my email  disappeared…

My husband  fixed an old laptop just so I could hot-spot it off my phone data so I could do up a couple blogs posts that needed posting on a specific date.

Plus, I have a wireless printer, so no printing…

It was actually kind of scary how dependent I am on the internet. I mean, I have known for some time now that I have a social media problem. I literally take my phone everywhere and feel anxious if I go out and accidentally leave it behind. Sad, I know.

But then, yesterday, it came back on! And life was good again!

But, yeah, wow I freaked out a bit without internet…


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