Happy Belated Release Day! Waxing Moon By Sarah E. Stevens @sessiesarah

So I am a little late with this post as Waxing Moon was actually released on the 18th August! I had internet issues, as in I have had none for the past week! It has been horrible and a thousand apologies to Sarah for the tardiness.

But, better late than never, right?

I have been looking forward to this book for a little while now (totally pre-ordered my copy 😉 ) as it is book 2 in Sarah’s Calling the Moon series, the first being Dark Moon Wolf (see my review HERE)


Waxing Moon (Calling the Moon Book #2) By Sarah E. Stevens

WaxingMoon_w11543_750Julie Hall thinks she has the hang of mothering her Werewolf baby Carson, until the night she wakes to frantic barking and finds her house on fire. Arson. Paranormal fire creatures want to kill Carson—and an unknown Were may be helping them.

As if fire-spawning Salamanders and a mysterious Werewolf aren’t dangerous enough, Julie soon faces even closer threats.

Her trusted friend Eliza harbors a secret and Julie’s new understanding of Werewolves threatens to tear apart her team.

Meanwhile, her relentless enemies will burn everything in their path, if they can’t get to Carson. Will Julie’s efforts to protect Carson do more harm than good?

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Waxing Moon is now available at Amazon

Book #1, Dark Moon Wolf is also available from Amazon

About Sarah


I live and work in Evansville, Indiana with my husband Gary, our three kids, three cats, some fish and some hermit crabs. In addition to being a writer and a voracious reader of all things fantasy, science fiction, and paranormal, I’m a board game geek, an artist, and a dabbler in making chain maille jewelry. My whole family is unabashedly geeky: Gary designs board games, we have family D&D night on Thursdays, and we own more Magic the Gathering cards than we’d like to admit.

I love to write about strong women and their friendships–combined with magic and love, of course.

You can find Sarah @ her WebsiteFacebook Twitter


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