Cupcake Dreams – #writingprompt #amwriting #contemporaryromance

Ok, so I don’t usually write contemporary, but I stumbled across this prompt during one of my late night Pinterest sessions and I just had to write this! I dunno why, something just said DO IT, so I did. Maybe it was the cake?

Unedited. Just a bit of fun.

Zoe: Where are you! I have 50 boxes of cake ingredients! We need to get started on these cupcakes ASAP!

Zoe hit send and set the phone down, taking a deep and not so relaxing breath. She stared at the nightmare before her. The kitchen of her flat was littered with baking supplies. Her dining table was covered with the dozens upon dozens of hand made sugar roses she had spent half the night and early morning making. Not to mention the mountain cake ingredients for the five hundred chocolate mud cupcakes she needed by next weekend.

She flexed her still cramped fingers and ran a hand through her messy hair and bit her lip. Why on earth had she agreed to cater her brother’s engagement party with less than a weeks notice! It was crazy!

Because Dylan’s fiancee, Genevieve, had rich ditsy friends who loved throwing lavishly catered parties, that’s why. It was the break she needed to get her own catering business off the ground. Which meant she had to impress her brothers new snotty, snooty friends. Including Genevieve, who had been the resident mean-girl of Zoe’s high school days and now somehow engaged to her big brother. How Dylan had ended up with the snobbish socialite was still a mystery.

Zoe just could not see how a girl who preened and primped for hours and gushed over shoes and purses would be happy with a man who’s idea of a good time was hanging with his buddies on a Friday night drinking beers and playing video games. Zoe enjoyed those things, but Genevieve? She liked to shop with daddy’s credit card and lived in the family estate. Zoe’s flat had an open living, dining, kitchen area, one bathroom and one bedroom.

Zoe started weighing out the ingredients. She was on the clock and if she waited any longer for her tardy friend then they would definitely not get done in time. When her phone buzzed a moment late, Zoe was already up to elbows in flour and cocoa powder. Finally! Wiping her chocolate dusted hands on her jeans, completely missing the apron she wore, Zoe snatched up the device, desperately hoping Dani was close by.

She frowned at the text.

Unknown: I think you have the wrong number but sounds like fun, count me in!

“Great,” Zoe groaned, typing back a quick apology before sending a text to the correct number and going back to the kitchen and turning the radio on. Her phone buzzed again.

Unknown: What you need so much cake mix for? 

Zoe laughed. Someone was bored. On a whim she texted back.

Zoe: Making 500 chocolate cupcakes for my brothers engagement party this weekend like a crazy person. 

She hit send and smiled tossing the phone back down just as someone knocked on the door and Dani rushed in with an armful of muffin pans and a dozen sleeves of cupcake papers, dumping them on the ratty worn down couch.

“I know, I know! I’m late I’m sorry! Pete took my keys by mistake, which means I couldn’t get into my car, which means I had to wait for him to come back home, which made me late. Then Daisy Wallace just HAD to be in the shop, which you know means I had to suffer through her latest dating disaster while she searched for your order, ugh! So, I’m sorry.”

Dani slumped down on the couch beside the cake pans, dropping her handbag unceremoniously on the floor. Uncaring that the entire contents just spilled out onto Zoe’s floor.

“Don’t worry about it, your here now. Here, put this on.” Zoe opened a kitchen draw and tossed a purple and blue floral apron at her friend. A gift from her gran when she started her apprenticeship. Zoe never had the heart to tell her she was only permitted to wear plain black aprons.

“Thanks for this Dani, what would I do without you?” She grinned bumping shoulders.

“No doubt you would be a garbling mess on your bathroom floor.” Both young women laughed and Zoe turned up the music, which meant she did not hear her phone buzz with incoming texts.

Unknown: That is crazy, but I must say, I do love chocolate cake. If you need a cake taster you have my number.

Unknown: My name is James by the way.

To continue, or not continue, that is the question?


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