Dark Moon Wolf (Calling the Moon #1) – Sarah E. Stevens

Title: Dark Moon Wolf (Calling the Moon #1)

Author: Sarah E. Stevens

Genre:  Paranormal

My Rating: 4/5

Julie Hall thinks the hardest part of single motherhood is sleep deprivation and the constant search for dropped pacifiers, until her four-month old baby transforms into a wolf pup.

How could Carson be a Werewolf? He hadn’t been bitten. Not by a Werewolf, not by a dog, heck, not by a mosquito. Julie sets out to find Carson’s father and demand some answers. Instead, she discovers a Werewolf pack haunted by a grisly string of murders–and soon realizes she and her baby are the next targets. 

So I picked up this book thinking, “omg, baby werewolf, how cute!” and stayed for the murder mystery.

Admittedly, I thought this book was going to be about Julie Hall, librarian, tracking down the father of her baby and then getting mixed up in a murder investigation. I was looking forward to the moment when Julie tracked down Mac and demanded her answers.

Well, I was half right. Julie tracked her ex’s family down in hopes of finding the man, and the answers she sought. Instead she learns that her former lover has, in fact, been brutally murdered and that she, herself may in fact be the next target. Julie finds herself in the midst of a tangled web of murder and werewolf politics, but instead of being shooed back home where it is no doubt, much safer for her and her baby Carson, Julie decides to stay and help. Baby and all!

Julie soon finds herself the only normal among a sea of suped up supernaturals, which I kind of loved actually. It was refreshing to see this seemingly ordinary woman be just as awesome as the werewolves, even if she might not think so herself.

Oh, and did I mention that Julie is a Dark Moon Wolf? Each werewolf’s power is determined by which type of “moon” they are. Very cool. So you have your Full Moon Wolf, Half-Moon Wolf and so on and so forth (a little complicated for me to explain, but trust me, it makes sense). But a Dark Moon Wolf means Julie has recessive werewolf genes. Meaning if she were to be bitten, there is a chance she would be turned… or the bite would be fatal.

So, if your a fan or mystery and the supernatural, I’d take a looksy at this here book.

Dark Moon Wolf @ Goodreads


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