Artwork & Excerpt – The Last Dragon Rider – “You Are My Everything”

Check out this beautiful artwork from Ryuutsu featuring Flint & Saira from my novella The Last Dragon Rider, The Wild Realms of Véneanár, #1. (Coming Soonish)

Excerpt from The Last Dragon Rider:

He pressed his brow to hers and closed his eyes, inhaling the intoxicating scent of her. Wildflowers and sweat and blood. Flintathriël reached for a loose strand of coppery hair, letting the silky strands slip between his fingertips, feeling the flecks of dirt brush across his skin.
She felt the tension in his body as he leaned against her, his breath warm against her cheek, his eyes still tightly closed.
“If anything were to happen to you—”
Sairalindë reached up and brushed the silver-white veil from his face. He slid one hand up the back of her neck, gently tracing the contours of her cheekbone with the other before sliding his fingers down to work the fastenings of her riding armor.
“You are my everything.”

FlintSaira_final_your are my everything

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