One Last Time -The Final Galley Pass!

Yep. You read that correctly! My line edits are back and I have one last read through of The Last Dragon Rider before my words are set free upon the world…

YIKES!!! (Why am I doing this again???)

Hopefully, within the next couple of weeks I will get a release date!!!

(Breath, Errin, breath)

So what does this mean now? It means I need to get my butt into gear and start getting a few things moving, that’s what!

I have put The Last Dragon Rider up on Goodreads. I am now officially a Goodreads Author! Not to mention a few other things I need to start preparing!

  • Cover Reveal
  • Update Website
  • Order Promotional Things & Doo-dads
  • Plan Blog Tours
  • Plan Release Day Giveaways
  • Plan Book Launch
  • Put Some Feelers Out for Reviewers

I’m sure there’s more things I have completely forgotten about!


Any book bloggers/reviewers interested in helping out with promoting a High Fantasy Novella can find more information HERE!



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