The Bone Dancer (The Cassir Chronicles #1) – Katie Masters

Title: The Bone Dancer (The Cassir Chronicles #1)

Author: Katie Masters

Genre:  New Adult, Fantasy

My Rating: 5/5

In the magical desert of Cassir, only the nomadic caravans  wander and thrive in the brutal, vast, scorching lands. But a darkness is drawing near, and heroes must rise, if they dare to answer the desert’s call. 

All Ansi wants to do is be a dancer. However as second daughter of chief to the Mawavi tribe, she’s expected to do only one thing: marry well. Kept under the strict rule of her mother, Ansi secretly plans her escape. But when the caravan tribes begin gathering for the winter festival, she quickly finds her plans ruined and time running out, until the Bone Dancers arrive, offering her an escape. 

Yet the legendary dancers seem to know more about Ansi than they’re letting on, and the desert’s cries are growing louder…

I had the privilege of reading The Bone Dancer back when it was in beta stages. I loved it then and I love it now.

The first thing that made me fall in love with this magical world was the writing. I just adore Katie’s writing style and I can’t describe it as anything other than beautiful. She has spun a compelling tale with her words and created a unique and wonderful world. It literally only took me a couple pages to become completely hooked. The Bone Dancer is a novella, so easily read in a single sitting… which I totally did.

I could not put it down.

Our heroine, Ansi, is a young woman who wants nothing more than to break free of the chains of tradition and forge her own path. I love her so much. She’s fiery and passionate and conflicted. LOVE HER!

My favorite part is when we first see Ansi dance, such a beautiful scene, until she is interrupted by the Bone Dance, Vashrem. (I totally ship these two!) I just love this scene so much! The tension between these characters is fantastic. Only Bone Dancers are permitted to dance, and Ansi dared to dance.

The book is left a little open ended, but don’t despair, this is because The Bone Dancer is the first of four planned novella’s, and the author has big plans for this series. I for one, cant wait for the next installment!

Definitely recommended reading!

You can find Katie @ her Website, TwitterFacebookInstagram

You can purchase you own copy of The Bone Dancer HERE (You wont regret it!)


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