Sexy Elf Seeks Bibliophile. #Bookbloggers #Bookreviewers #Bookstagramers Apply Within.

Errin Krystal


WANTED: Bloggers/Reviewers/Bookstagrammers to participate in upcoming cover reveal/arc reviews/ and release-day promos for an adult, high-fantasy novella.

Rated EDM for heavy use of elves, dragons, and magic. Featuring battles, romance, and adventure, with a guest appearance by a roguish dwarf.

Also includes sexy bits.

Yes, as you can see I am currently seeking assistance with some upcoming promotional stuff and things. Why, you might ask?

Because my book, The Last Dragon Rider, is so very close to getting its release date! I have received my preliminary galley and am working on some final line edits before it’s off to the copy editor.

Then release date!

Hence, I am currently seeking those who might be interested in getting my book some pre-release exposure.

If you like high fantasy with strong romantic elements, then take a look at the synopsis for The Last Dragon Rider.

Trained as an elite warrior from childhood…

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