The Last Dragon Rider, Second Round Edits & Phoenix Rising

Well, I have just sent off my second round edits for The Last Dragon Rider. I am that one step closer to being a published author! I still have my moments when it doesn’t seem real, then it feel super real and I start freaking out a little again.

I am having another of those little freak out moments as I write this.

See, I sent the edits back, (it’s coming along very nicely I might add) and my lovely, amazing editor asked me how things were going with book two… Now, if you have been following this blog for a little while, you may know what happened with book two and why this question got me on edge a little.

The long and short of it was that I had an 85,000 word manuscript 3/4 complete and I had to scrap it… Relive my nightmare HERE… and HERE… It still hurts to think about.

So, when she asked about it, it was a moment of oh, no! She wanted to see how far along it was so there might be a bit of a teaser we could put at the end of The Last Dragon Rider.

I am sitting on chapter 6 right now, which is roughly 3/4 through. So, I told her this and my plans to have it complete and ready for submission by end of year, and that I could clean up the first chapter (Its a super rough, unedited first draft) for her to take a look at for excerpt etc.

She writes back almost immediately, excited about the edits and asking me to have the first three chapters cleaned up to send to her by June 1st…

Cue freak out!

Yes, it is tonnes of time to do this, but I suddenly feel very stressed out about it. I had such a rough time getting this books off the ground.

Last time she asked me to send through the first three chapters was right before she contracted me. And if she contracts me before the book is finished that will put me on an official deadline (which is awesome and amazing and fantastic I know) but I have this awful feeling that the book is, well, awful.

This could be majorly in part that its a first draft so therefore is kind of terrible right now… *deep breaths*


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2 thoughts on “The Last Dragon Rider, Second Round Edits & Phoenix Rising

  1. BrizzleLass says:

    Despite the freaking out this is what your editor is there for, to help you stay focused, keep you motivated and be enthusiastic about the finished product. Always remember though, if you need to push a deadline for your own sanity it’s not the end of the world.

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