The Legendary Lord (Playful Brides #6)- Valerie Bowman

Title: The Legendary Lord

Author: Valerie Bowman

Genre:  Historical Romance

My Rating: 5/5

Christian Forester, Viscount Berkeley, has fled the  ballrooms of London for his Scottish hunting lodge. He did not expect to find Lady Sarah Highgate ensconced in his cabin. Sarah has run away from an unwanted betrothal. While stranded together during a snowstorm, the two strike a bargain. He’ll help repair her reputation with the London ton, while she advises him on how to attract a bride…

As the undisputed belle of the season, Sarah is more than qualified, but has she taken on more than she can handle? But turning the Viscount Berkeley into society’s most sought after bachelor has had unforseen consequence.

Has he run away with her heart? 

It has been so long since I sat down and read a good old historical romance. Not exactly sure why, I adore everything about historical romances. 1) the romance, obviously. 2) the old timeyness.  3) the romance. 😉

So when I picked up this book I literally read it in a night. I just loved everything about it.

Christian is sweet and charming and romantic and desperately longs to find a wife and settle down. The problem, he becomes all tongue-tied and nervous around the fairer sex, so has found it difficult to court any of the young ladies of London’s society.

Enter Sarah, Christian does not seem to have this problem with her. She’s beautiful, funny, sweet and engaged…

So with Sarah officially out of Christian’s reach, she offers to help him woo himself a bride. Naturally, this is easier said than done, since Christian is already half in love with her after first meeting her.

So they part ways after Sarah’s reputation is repaired and Christian is armed with everything he needs to become the most eligible bachelor of the season. So with the London season in full swing, Sarah and Christian are put together once more, making it near impossible to deny their blossoming feelings.

I just loved seeing these two try and fight against their feelings for each other. I mean, the one thing you can always, always guarantee from a historical romance is the beautiful happy ending. And after my reading choices of late, I definitely need a nice fluffy romance. This book just made me smile from start to finish. I adored it so, so much.

The only problem is I had no idea that it was part of a series! Now I need to go and read all about Lucy, Cassandra, Jane, Daphne and Alexandra! (All of whom had put poor Christian securely in the friend zone)

If you enjoy a nice, sweet romance, then this book is most definitely for you.


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