Sarah E. Stevens – Guest Post – Gaming Geek

I don’t just write fantasy and science fiction. I’m also a geek in about every sense of the word—well, except the historical, literal meaning of “geek,” because I’ve never bitten off the head of a chicken while performing in a carnival. Thank all the gods. That would be just about my last ever choice of a job!

I’m the epitome of the modern, re-purposed geek label, though.

My entry into the world of fantasy literature began with C. S. Lewis and a certain wardrobe, then ventured into the world of A Wrinkle in Time, and soon landed smack in the middle of Pern, where I spent a good chunk of my childhood yearning for Anne McCaffrey’s dragons and fire lizards.

I started playing Dungeons & Dragons when I was ten years old. Do any of you remember the old boxed sets? Not only do I still have those, I’ve somehow held onto a tattered Garfield folder that contains some of my old character sheets. I’ve had some hiatuses from D&D, but I’ve played on and off every since those days, including a multi-year campaign during graduate school. Now, my husband Gary and I have regular Thursday night D&D sessions with our three children and one of their friends. We’re proudly raising the next generation of gamers!!

And gamers we are!


With some weird mixture of pride and embarrassment, I’ll share that we have “silver collector’s status” on BoardGameGeek. Yeah, that means we own over 250 games. I’m not talking about Monopoly and whatnot—I’m talking about modern board games, which are kind of a niche hobby. If you’re interested in what this kind of game is like, some good gateway games are Settlers of Catan, Ticket to Ride, Carcassonne, King of Tokyo, and Lords of Waterdeep. For those already in the know, my favorite games are usually medium to heavy Euro-games, especially worker placers and “point salad” types. Euphoria, Terra Mystica, Viticulture—those are some of my current favorites. We also love party games, though. Nothing beats a good game of One Night Ultimate Werewolf, SpyFall, or Code Names.


We also play Magic the Gathering. And attend GenCon (though not in cosplay). And I make chain maille jewelry, too! Oh, and I paint custom alters of MTG cards.

Geeky enough for you?

I read just about anything, but definitely prefer things in the speculative arena. Some of my favorite authors right now are Robin Hobb, Sharon Shinn, Patrick Rothfuss, and Neal Stephenson. Wow, it was hard to narrow down to just a few…there are SO many good writers out there!

I suppose I write some of what I most like to read: stories about strong women with meaningful friendships; characters who love fiercely; worlds with just enough magic or strangeness to be different than what we all live every day, but similar enough that we recognize ourselves in the stories.



Dark Moon Wolf is available to BUY from 22.2.2017


















Part of our game collection:


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