ARC Review Donn’s Hill – Caryn Larrinaga

Title: Donn’s Hill

Author: Caryn Larrinaga

Genre:  Paranormal, Mystery

My Rating: 5/5

I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

After returning home from her father’s funeral to find her boyfriend in bed with another woman, Mackenzie Clair is looking for a fresh start. She thinks she’ll find it in her favorite childhood vacation spot, but returning to Donn’s Hill awakens more than nostalgia. Mac regains a lost psychic ability to talk to the dead, and the poltergeist haunting her apartment is desperate to make her use that gift to find his killer. 

Aided by her new roommate—a spirited Tortoiseshell cat named Striker—and the ghost-hunting crew of the nationally televised show Soul Searchers, Mac struggles to learn how to use her powers. But she’d better get a handle on them fast, because someone in town is hiding a deadly secret. If Mac can’t somehow divine the truth, Donn’s Hill will never be the same.

I’ll admit, I’m not generally a big reader of mystery and thrillers, but the synopsis for this book had me interested enough to give it a try. Plus the paranormal element and ghost hunters definitely helped sell it.

I am happy to say, I am glad I took a chance on reading something different. if I had of passed on this book, I really would have been missing out. I ended up thoroughly enjoying Donn’s Hill. I read the whole thing in two days while cooped up in bed ill.

Mackenzie is starting fresh in a new town that holds some of her favorite childhood memories. After the death of her father and the discovery that her boyfriend is cheating, she needs this. Instead she finds a town rife with secrets all of it’s own. Why does the deputy mayor hate her on sight? Is every place in town haunted? What secrets was her mother keeping from her all these years?

Mackenzie as a character? I loved her! Here’s a young woman wanting nothing more than to just get on with her life. Instead, she is pulled into a world she never believed existed, add to the fact that she rediscovers a childhood ability to talk to the dead and her new friend is a paranormal investigator and her world is turned upside down.

The moment Mackenzie has he first run in with her first ghost sent literal chills through me and had me closing the book for a good few minutes. (Did I mention I don’t usually read mystery thrillers?) I felt like I was there, definitely creepy, it was awesome. Though I was  a little more cautious turning the page.

The overall plot was interesting and kept me intrigued the whole way through. Family secrets. Town secrets. So many secrets! Toss in a few psychics, ghost hunters, Mackenzie’s cutie-pie landlord (in my opinion) and her new feline friend Striker (I loooovveee that cat) and you have a great mystery to solve.

I’m curious to know if Mackenzie’s story is over. I really hope not. I for one would love to see what she get’s up to next in the quirky town of Donn’s Hill.

Donn’s Hill is available from 3.3.2017

Reserve you copy @ her Website.

Caryn can also be found on Twitter.

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