Please Stop. An Open Letter To My Brain

Dear Brain,

Please stop.

I understand that you have a great million things that you want me to do and you are a constant source of ideas. But please stop. I just do not have the time to add another fully plotted out novel to my list.

Please stop keeping me awake at all hours of the night, plotting and scheming and creating. There are not enough hours in my day. I work 60+ hours a week, have a over exuberant three year old and I only have so much writing time a week.

Please stop. I have a dozen notebooks filled with notes and story ideas and half written scenes for the books you keep throwing at me.

Please stop conspiring with my characters and please stop arguing on their behalf when they insist that their story needs to be told. And just stop telling me about their angst riddled back stories, I’m not interested!

Please stop, just stop. I am on Phoenix Rising, the sequel to The Last Dragon Rider and book two of a planned four book series. I have a second book planned to follow on from Midnight Redemption, which thankfully is not far from completion. I then have to write Callan and Velenna’s story which unfortunately got cut from Phoenix. Their story is going to be at least two books. My Adric character is just begging to get a story of his own and I just scribbled down a rough outline of another character, Caewen, who plays a part in my current series.

So brain, as you can see, I need you to stop. OK. Thank you.

Sincerely, E.K

P.S Please don’t stop.

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