I’m Back! + My Year In Review

Merry belated Christmas and a late and happy New Year!

Real life got kind of crazy there for a bit. Being short staffed in the hospitality industry during peak wedding season and then the holiday period is not the most funnest thing in the world. Being one of only two chefs during this time has been exhausting. But thankfully we have hired a new chef! You know… after the craziness is over…

Sadly, during the last few weeks this poor little blog has suffered. I had finally gotten ahead enough that I was managing to post twice a week. My usual Tuesday blog as well as a book review on Fridays… (my reading had also hit a slump). I have like five books to review and two ARC’s to read and review. (more on the ARC’s another time)

My writing hit a bit of a wall. After having such success with Midnight Redemption during NaNo back in November, I was finally ready to dive back into Phoenix Rising. But extreme exhaustion kind of fried my brain a bit.

BUT now I’m back! (hopefully)

So, aside from the last few weeks, I have had a pretty great year. A lot of good and amazing things happened for me. I started a new job, I rediscovered my love for reading and started a bookstagram account. I have made some amazing friends on via Twitter (I even got to meet one of them!) and started The Writing Lounge on Facebook. I finally found my stride with my blog and have been working hard on building my website, though it is coming along nicely. I found a talented artist who has brought my characters to life so perfectly, sent out my first newsletter and…


I got a publishing contract with The Wild Rose Press! My editor loved my book and I started working on my edits!

So yes, it has been a pretty amazing year!

2017 Resolutions: Finish first draft of book 2, Phoenix Rising. Get started book 3, Of Gods & Dragons, outlined and started. Outline the last book, currently untitled.

What are some of your bookish or writerly resolutions for 2017?

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