Return Of The Edits!

Well, after months of agonized waiting, obsessively checking my email every five minutes and having horrible stress induced nightmares in which my book getting contracted was something I cooked up from my wildly over active imagination, my edits are back!

I woke up the other morning to them sitting in my inbox. I felt excited and scared all at once, then sat there staring at the email for a full ten minutes before I was game enough to open them. My stomach was in knots!

How bad was it? Was it bleeding red? Were they going to turn around and tell me it was utter rubbish and changed their minds about publishing?

So I took a deep breath and opened the email…

So much relief flooded my system it was unbelievable. It was like I had been holding my breath without realizing it for the last three and a half months. My editor LOVED the book! Her exact words!

Those four words may me so giddy with happiness, even a crap, 13 hour day at work couldn’t bring me down!

I knew it was going to need a lot of work, so I was not surprised to see a lot of red. Though, quite a lot of it was my editor showing me how to correctly format and generally tidying up the sentence structure. Apparently, punctuation is slightly different in the US too, not just spelling. That’s something I didn’t know before.

There was only two or three scenes that needed reworking. Well, it was more relocating than reworking, just to make the story flow more smoothly. I have to admit, I’m loving my editor’s suggestions. I’m really looking forward to working with her.

Then, today, I fixed up my blurb and tagline so they can start moving on my book-cover. MY BOOK-COVER! It’s all becoming so, so real now!

Well, I’ll leave it there for now, onward to the edits!

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