#NaNoWriMo2016 -That’s A Wrap! And For My Next Trick…

NaNoWriMo 2016 has officially came to an end. It was a long, hard slog, but I honestly enjoyed every single minute of it.

So, the big question? Did I win? Did I manage to write 50,000 words and bring myself NaNo glory? The answer would be no. Officially, I did not win. BUT, I’m still claiming victory.

Why you might ask? Well, first off, I managed to beat last years efforts for starters, adding 27,434 words to my novel. That’s nothing to sneeze at. That’s a novella. And second, I am now 70% through completing Midnight Redemption! This story has been sitting on my shelf for literally fifteen years, and now, I am only five short chapters from completing the first draft. A very dirty, rough draft, but first draft nonetheless.

So whats next? Will I drop this story once again and return to Phoenix Rising? Not just yet. I am setting myself a new challenge. Complete Midnight Redemption before the new year. This also give me a little break from Phoenix, my heart is still a little broken over that particular project. (See why HERE and HERE)

So yes, 27,434 words? Definitly a win.

Maybe next year I’ll do it officially.

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