#NaNoWriMo2016 – I Can See The Light Passed Struggle-town!

So there are only a few days left of NaNoWriMo for this year and then it’s over. Thank goodness for that. While I have enjoyed participating again this year, (I have beaten last years count so yay) I am exhausted.

I must admit though, I am super stoked at my progress this year. Even if the words I have laid down are absolute rubbish. I mean, there are a few good bits in there, but for the most part, its utter garbage.

But, hey, all first drafts are pretty abysmal right?

I have fallen fairly far behind. At this point I am sitting on 25,000+ words. Nothing to sneeze at right? Your right, though at this point I am struggling to maintain momentum. I lost a few days with travelling, attending family functions and so on and have struggled to get back on track.

Plus, I’m tired, like, super tired. I sit down at the computer and I have to will my fingers to move, BUT I am still writing. I have been trying to get out 3,000 words a day to catch up, but I’m feeling that may be a little overly ambitious of me, so I’m settling for 2,000. Which, for the most part I’m getting. But like I said, we’re nearing the end and it’s starting to get HARD!

But I am solidering on, I’m not going to finish the novel, but it’s gunna be damn well close! The second last big event is happening in the next chapter… so I’ll hopefully be about 3/4 complete by the time NaNo is done, if not more… hopefully… fingers crossed.

I am still hoping to hit at least 35,000+ words, there’s still 7 days to go!

*I think I can, I think I can, I think I can*

Now type, fingers, type!

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