#NaNoWriMo2016 – The Road So Far: Week 1

So, week one of NaNoWriMo is down, and I’m doing great!

 Initially I was not even going to participate as I’m currently in the US on holiday. But I’m really glad I changed my mind. 

Day 1 started off with packing and travelling to Melbourne. By the time I sat down to write it was already 10 pm! But, I managed to write over 1,200 words in under 2hrs! I’m never that productive! Under par, but it was a good start! 

Time was lost on the plane, but I still wrote 1,400 before my lap top died. 

I’ve been writing every day since I’ve been away, averaging around 1,200 to 1,800 words, I even wrote a whole scene on my phone on the way home from Disneyland yesterday! 1,100 words!

At day 7, I had 10,862 words! And I’m less than 3,000 words behind. Last year, I was well into the third week before I reached the 10,000 word milestone! 

Plus I’m getting to work on Midnight Redemption! Finally, after 15 years, Rayven and Violette finally had their first kiss! Followed by Rayven getting all bity… Vampires! Am I right! Way to ruin the moment Rayven! Geez!

I’m even part of a facebook group with some other Wild Rose authors. So getting to chat with them during NaNo has been really fun.

I’m absolutely wrapped with my progress this year, and just how far I’ve come as a writer since last year. Well, daily word count wise at least. 

The actual  quality of the writing? Utter rubbish, but that’s what editing is for, right? 

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