Infernal Devices #3: Clockwork Princess – Cassandra Clare

Title: The Infernal Devices #3: Clockwork Princess

Author: Cassandra Clare

Genre: Young Adult, Steampunk, Fantasy

My Rating: 5/5

The Shadowhunters of the London institute are desperate to find the Magister. He seeks out the final piece he needs before using his Infernal Devices, his clockwork army, to destroy the Shadowhunters forever. Tessa, is the key to their destruction.

When Tessa falls into the hands of the Magister, after she refuses to give into his demands, Will, Jem and the Shadowhunters of the London institute will go to extraordinary lengths to save her. Will they make it in time? Or will Tessa’s only savior be herself?

Bring your tissues for this one! Such a roller coaster! Cassandra Clare’s final installment of The Infernal Devices is just masterful. Action and angst from the very first page. This book just wrecked my heart and kept it pounding the entire way through.

If you thought the love triangle between Jem/Tess/Will had resolved itself, now that Tessa is readying to marry Jem, you’d be wrong. Though she loves him fiercely, she’s still very much in love with Will also and he her. I love these three so much. The way this tangle of hearts plays out by the end? Well, you’ll have to read to find out, but it will leave you marveling at Clare’s (evil) genius.

“I thought perhaps that when you told me you did not love me that my own feelings would fall away and atrophy, but they have not. They have grown every day. I love you now more desperately, this moment, than I have ever loved you before, and in an hour I will love you more than that” – Will Herondale
Cassandra Clare, Clockwork Princess

Jem, in particular just breaks my heart, he is so determined to live his short life to the fullest. And Tessa and Will devote themselves to his cause, are so fiercely determined to save him is just beautiful and heartrending.

However, through all the heartache, I do have a favorite, happier scene. (You know, before their lives (and my heart) were ripped apart).  Another Tessa/Jem moment (I’ve said before he’s my favorite), this time in the music room.

“Wo wei ni xie de,” he said, as he raised the violin to his left shoulder, tucking it under his chin. He had told her many violinists used a shoulder rest, but he did not: there was a slight mark on the side of his throat, like a permanent bruise, where the violin rested.

“You — made something for me?” Tessa asked.

“I wrote something for you,” he corrected, with a smile, and began to play.”
Cassandra Clare, Clockwork Princess

Though the Will/Jem/Tessa triangle is not the only romance occurring throughout Clockwork Princess. Gideon and Sophie (so cute), Henry and Charlotte are now on the same page (love them), and surprisingly, Cecily and Gideon Lightworm (Lightwood). Yes, that’s right, Will’s sister and his least favorite person in the world, (besides Mortmain obviously). I’ll admit, I was unsure how I felt about Cecily in the beginning and it did take a while for me to warm to her, but, as with all Herondales, I fell in love with her by the end.

NB: A Herondale and a Lightwood? Now we know where Alec got his black hair/blue eyes combo that Magnus loves! Cecily!

Oh, and as always, there’s Magnus Bane, traipsing around being his wonderfully, fantastic self. Henry finally has someone interested in his inventions.

The second  half of Clockwork Princess will keep your heart pounding and tears flowing right up until the final page. After Tessa’s abduction, it’s just hit, after hit, after hit. An emotional battering ram! And that epic moment with Tessa during the final battle! Trust me, you will know it when you get there.

Brilliant, brilliant books! I was a weeping mess for days after finishing this series, and the book hangover? My god, I didn’t think I’d ever be alright again.

In saying that, Clare has once again given me everything I could have wished for in an ending. It was so perfect, and exactly what I wanted that I forgive her for putting me through so much emotional trauma.

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