The Phoenix Is Ready To Fly! Finally!

After almost two months of crying, ripping, shredding, crying, cutting, pasting, crying, deleting, starting over and, yes… crying, my current WIP, Phoenix Rising, is finally ready to be reborn from the ashes!

Sings *Let’s start from the very beginning, a very good place to start*

Yes, that’s Sound of Music. I love Rogers and Hammerstein!

See, I had rewritten the first five chapters of this book, using as much of the original work that I could. I had after all, been working on this novel for almost four years. But it still wasn’t working!

My main love interests still hadn’t laid eyes on each other by chapter five! That was a huge glaring problem right there. Why was this? Well, I needed to get all my characters to a specific place in order to all meet up, in order to get the story started. But so much was happening that it was taking forever to get them there. Quite frankly, even I was getting annoyed and frustrated by their lack of progress. But I didn’t quite know how else to do it, so I just kept on. I’d already had so many false starts with this novel, if it wasn’t for the fact that it is the follow up to The Last Dragon Rider, I’d probably shelf it and not look at it again for ten years.

But I owe it to my characters (whom I adore) and potential future readers, to keep at it, no matter that it was crushing my soul.

Then, it was suggested to at my local writing meeting that I start the book with them all arriving, then drip feed how they all met up. Admittedly, I was resistant to this idea at first, because the other half of the suggestion was to not worry about what I had already written and just take anything I could potentially use as a bonus, but basically scrap it. I was having a bit of a round peg square hole problem…

Something inside me was just screaming NO, NO, NO but, there was also something whispering YESSSS.

I chose to listen to the whispering of the yes voice.

After an incredibly sleepless night filled with tears and frustration, I finally saw it for the brilliant idea it was. (Thank you North East Writers!) 

The very next day I had a brainstorming session with my friend R.Gowland, in which we managed to outline the entire first half of both our novels! I finished the rest of my outline for Phoenix Rising later that week as well as character bios.

The relief was instantaneous, I could literally feel the weight being lifted from my shoulders.

So now, after almost two months of emotionally torturing myself, the Phoenix is ready to fly! It is a completely different novel now than it was when I originally began it way back when, and half the characters have been cut, but I truly love where it is going now. I just love these characters together.

I’m going to take a short break from this novel while I participate in NaNoWriMo next month. I’ll be working on Midnight Redemption for NaNo this year.

But then, come December, I’ll be starting fresh on Phoenix Rising once more. This time, it’s going to work!

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