Inspiration Overload: Creative Floodgates Have Burst! And I’m Not Impressed.

Too many ideas, not enough time!

Ok, so the other night I got home from work, it was a late one. I didn’t knock off  until 11:30 pm so by the time I’d showered, had dinner and read a couple chapters of my latest read, it was 1am. So, I turned out the light, set my alarm, did one more once over of social  media (yes, I am aware I have a problem), then closed my eyes…

Sleep did not come, instead, what happened  was I got beaten with the inspiration stick! Honestly, if it had been any other time, I’d have been thrilled…maybe.

See, what struck me was nothing to do with my current  WIP, no, what the gods of creatively chose to dump on me was an entirely  BRAND  NEW novel idea! One, might I add, that I have absolutely no time what so ever to indulge in!

But this is a good thing you say?

Yes and no. Yes it’s a brilliant and fantastic idea I’ve had, and on one hand I’m very excited  about it.

But on the other?… I seriously, and I’m serious  when I say this, I seriously  DON’T  HAVE  TIME ! !!

I am currently  waiting  for edits to come back for The Last  Dragon  Rider. I am still struggling to get Phoenix Rising back in order after ripping it apart and piecing it back together and writing a whole new love story that has taken yet another unexpected turn. Velenna  and Callan’s story needs to be told now they have had their love story cut from Phoenix. Plus I have book three knocking away in the back of my head, colluding  with the fourth  book to send me insane. I still have Midnight Redemption outlined and 5 chapters written that is begging me to work on it. (though I have decided to work on it for NaNoWriMo this year). Not to mention other minor characters who keep putting their hand up to have their tales told.

Did I mention that this new idea is practically  fully formed? Or that the character’s have names and complete backgrounds and personality’s? Or that I was still lying awake in bed, in the dark, plotting  a novel I don’t have time to write at 6am?


I went to work with barely 2 hrs sleep, which I got between 8 – 10 am after my husband  and son left for work and daycare.

6am! 2 hrs sleep! Ugh, stupid brain!

But, yes, there it is. Yet another new novel. So what’s it about you ask?

Alright, so it’s set in my fantasy realms, there’s a vampire hunter, Jac Ashthorn, his betrothed, Evangeline, was attacked and turned on their wedding day. They meet once a year, Jac still searching for the one who stole her life. Soon, the order of hunters, forces him to take a bride. Also a hunter, hunters marry hunters. Evangeline, tells him this will be the last time they will see each other, she doesn’t show up the following  year, or any after.

Jac moves on best he can now with a wife (also a hunter)  and two young children. 5 years later, Evangeline is back, with great risk asking Jac for help, and Jac discovers he may not have moved on after all.

I guess I’ll have to take notes and add it to the ever growing pile of novel ideas. One day I may have time to work on them.

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