Monthly Wrap-Up: September 2016

September happenings? Well, there were good times and there were bad times. Happy times and sad times.

September Writing

I’d love to say that I have managed to pull the pieces of my manuscript (Phoenix Rising) together and I am back on track and going well. I really would love to say that, but, unfortunately, that would be a bald faced lie. For those who don’t know, what happened was this. At about the 3/4 mark of a 85,000+ words manuscript, I realised it wasn’t working (see HERE for that horror story).

Anyway, I had hoped to have it sorted and re-outlined and plotted by the end of September… That didn’t happen. I cut and chopped, and rewrote and reworked. I thought I had it…but it still wasn’t working. So, I picked and pulled a little more. Whole scenes are now just completely gone, GONE! some of my favorites too. I wrote a whole new scene, that just doesn’t fit like I thought it did. It’s eating away at my soul every time I work on it. It hurts so bad, and not in a good way.

But, in saying that, by September’s end, I at least can look at it without bursting into tears… for now at least. I still haven’t got it quite right, and still very choppy from the obvious cutting and relocating of scenes. Fingers crossed Faelwyn and Tannin will have their story sorted by next month, ready for NaNoWrMo. I do love them so. 🙂

September Reading

So much reading again! I love it! Firstly, I completed City of Heavenly Fire, the final installment of The Mortal Instruments series. And, wow, so perfect! I cried buckets of tears and laughed along the way. Such a perfect, perfect ending!

Then, I read the Infernal Devices. Clockwork Angel, Clockwork Prince and Clockwork Princess. OH MY GOD! These books wrecked my heart and crushed my soul and I loved EVERY SINGLE MOMENT! I would have to say, the BEST love triangle I have ever read. It is totally equal on all sides. Most love triangles are skewed in favor of one person, so you kind of know who is going to get the girl. Not here. Jem Carstairs and Will Herondale have equal claim on Tessa Gray’s heart. I loved them both so much, though Jem was my favorite of the two boys. But ugh, such exquisite torture. Oh, and I also found After the Bridge, which is a short story that tells what happens immediately after the ending of Clockwork Princess. ❤ It is totally cannon too. ❤

Now, Tales from the Shadowhunter Academy was not originally on this months reading list, but I found out that it was one I should probably read before diving into Lady Midnight. It filled in some gaps and give vital information for future Shadow hunter novels.

I didn’t quite finish Lady Midnight before the end of September, but I will say this. If I was disappointed in the lack of brooding Herondale men, I wasn’t for long. MY GOD, those Blackthorn boys! Ugh, someone give them a hug!


This months reading pile! And yes, I did in fact try my hand at Bookstagram! I am kind of addicted now! Check out my Instagram if you like.

Look out for these reviews through October 🙂

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October Goals


So, October goals? I will (fingers crossed) have Phoenix Rising sorted out ready for NaNo! I will!

I will have reviews for the above mentioned books written up and scheduled, plus i’ve already made a start on this months reading list. First up, Finding Pandora by my lovely friend E. Racheal Hardcastle. Then, onto the rest of my October list!


October reading list! Wish me luck!

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