Saturday Showcase: Writing Prompt Fun With Steven Bates

Saturday Showcase Time! Today  we have with us poet and author of, Reflections of a Beret, Steven Bates. Let’s see what he’s got for us today.
Steven’s Prompt: “He grinned like a cat who’s found the dairy”
He grinned like a cat who’s found the dairy
Satisfied, gratified and amusingly merry
His smile lit up as the Fourth of July
And if you sit back, I’ll tell you just why…
So grab you a soda, then stretch out your toes
For here is the guy that everyone knows
He’s faithful and friendly, He’s the cat’s own meows
He’s got more charm than any Heaven allows
He’s smoother than butter, sweeter than cream
The idol of millions and every girl’s dream
He comes in a bottle, but a genie he’s not
But muscles galore, and what a smile he’s got
An earring to boot with his shiny bald head
But a pirate he’s not, that never was said
Starch white crisp clothes adorn his physique
Thus making him shine with radiance unique
He’s known much to all and his name you could glean
Cause the dashing old man’s name is the famed Mr. Clean!

About Steven

Steven Bates, USAF, has put together a variety of his poems written through his career and deployments as well as his personal life and suicide attempts. It is his hope that somewhere in this book one of his poems will strike a chord in another person and help him or her through a very tough time.
You can find Steven on Facebook
Steve’s book, Reflections of a Beret, can be found HERE

If you are a writer or artist and would like to join in the fun please don’t hesitate to contact me HERE.


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