Saturday Showcase: Writing Prompt Fun With Merri Halma

Welcome once again to Saturday Showcase! Today we have Merri Halma, author of the Indigo Traveler Series joining us for some Saturday fun.

Merri Halma’s Prompt: Your antagonist makes a promise that can’t be broken until…

Antagonist: Wraith from Many Paths to Follow (a work in progress)

Marshall, neutral

Xander Veh: Lead Indigo Traveler

Marshall, the Fallen Savior approached his brother, Wray, the Wraith figure that inspired the spiritual path of the Wraith village, surveyed their people. Wray was anxious to meddle with what was going on it. The war on the Murdocs, who worshiped nature and actually dared to name the unnamed god, Albagoth, had to be converted to either the Fallen Savior group or the Wraith way. They couldn’t have them continue to believe all paths are equal when they weren’t. Yet Wray knew his brother knew something he didn’t.

Marshall and Wraith looked down below at Wayla, observing both their followers going about their days, preparing for the attack on the Murdocs.

“What are we going to do?” Wraith asks. “My followers have Xander, the main Indigo Traveler. The Murdocs have the lost princess, but they haven’t anointed her yet. While the third Indigo traveler is still wandering between paths with that mixed up werecat. How are we going to unite our paths to fight together against the Murdocs?”

Marshall shrugged. “Wray, you and I can’t even agree on anything. So how are our followers going to agree it is to their benefit that they work together?”

Wray shrugged. He sighed. He glanced over at his older brother. He noticed that he had a smirk on his lips and could see the inner workings of his mind spinning around. “You know something. You are going to go down there and reveal yourself. Or you are going down there disguised as a common Fallen Savior follower to lead them in a certain path.”

“Maybe I will. Maybe I won’t. I will tell you a secret, your prize possession will not renounce Albagoth like you want him to. I will tell you another secret, if you know what is best for you, you won’t go down among your followers either. After all, Wray, we both know they have totally blown our original teachings way out of portion.”

“What if they have? What’s the big deal? We can’t correct them, Marshall. If we do, you know Mama will step in and the paths will just get more muddled than they already are. We can’t let that lost princess become anointed. We got to stop the Murdocs from doing that.”

Marshall laughed, shaking his head, “Little brother, don’t worry. We have this. You just have to let go. Remember, do not go down among your people. We can’t meddle with their problems.”

Marshall closed his eyes, smiled sighed relaxing his whole golden form, which spread out to Wray. Wray held up his arm to shield himself from the brilliance and warmth of his brother’s aura. Marshall walked off

“Do you have to do that in my presence? I hate it when you glow like that! You know I need to capture that Murdoc princess again. She already prefers the dark side of life, so you will be at home with my followers!”

“Don’t count on it! She follows the unnamed one even though she doesn’t realize it yet!” Marshall called back over his shoulder.

Wray gritted his teeth, angry that his brother just had to rub it in that he could glow and all he could do was create more darkness. How he wished he could glow for once.

He glanced down again, noticing a stranger, dressed in common beige tunic and beige trousers, walking among the Fallen Savior followers. Wray turned the speakers up on the viewer so he could hear the stranger talk, he was guiding them to choose someone to go meet with the Wraith followers, suggesting they join forces. Wray began to grind his teeth, “Marshall! You said not to go down there and mingle with the followers! Yet there you are!”

Wray turned the sound back down, went over to the coat stand, grabbed his black robe, put it on and saw his scythe leaning against the wall. He picked it up. Closing his eyes, he focused on where he would go. When he opened them, he was standing next to Xander Veh, the Indigo Traveler. He took down his hood so he could speak to him.

“How are they treating you, Xander?”

“Who, your followers?”

“Yes. You do remember me, we spoke not too long ago.”

“Your followers are okay, but you shouldn’t be here. You know they are preparing for war. I’ve told them you lied to them. I told them that Albagoth can’t be your father because Albagoth is genderless. Albagoth is the creator of everyone, not just you and Marshall. I also said you and Marshall are working together. You are going to fail in this endeavor, Wray,” Xander said.

“No, no, I can’t fail. Marshall is the one that fails. Not me! I always succeed.”

Wraith thought about it. “How do you know?”

Xander grinned mischievously. “I have the second sight, Wray.”

“Ba! I don’t believe you.”

“You see within all beings and situations. Yet you can’t see why I am called an Indigo Traveler? Doesn’t Wayla have indigo children here?”

“No, not that I know of. Besides, your second sight only works if you can be in touch with the unnamed one. You said yourself the unnamed one isn’t communicating with you. You’re cut off from it, so how do you know?”

Xander smiled. “You’re a fool, Wray. My second sight isn’t depended on Albagoth at all. It has to do with my connection with myself. We all carry a piece of the creator within us. Your brother told you not to come here, yet you did. Now, you will see how this will end. I know Milo will be recording all that transpires here and Sarah is the lost princess. She will accept her role in the Murdoc village and make peace with it. And Marshall understands all paths are equal. No one is above or below it all.”

With that, Xander closed his eyes, brought out his three prolonged sword, lightly touching one of Wraith’s shoulders and then other one, anointing him while asking Albagoth to reveal the glory of true creation to him. Wraith’s eyes closed involuntarily, and he felt himself fall backward into a sea of white light. Though, he knew he deserved to be in darkness.


  About Merri Halma

Merri grew up with a speech impediment that caused her to feel no one really wanted to hear what she had to say. Even from a young age, she was always telling herself stories. She told herself bedtime stories to help her to sleep at night. As she got older, she began keeping a journal and writing poetry. In junior high she began her first novel. Writing was her lifeline.

You can find more of her writing in the links below.

Books by Merri Halma:

Indigo Traveler Book 1

Keys to the Shadowlands Book Two

Both are available on Amazon and kindle

Also look for me on, Facebook and twitter.

If you are a writer or artist and would like to join in the fun please don’t hesitate to contact me HERE.



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