Saturday Showcase: Writing Prompt Fun With E.R. River

It’s Saturday Showcase time! Joining us today for some fun is aspiring writer E.R. River!

E.R. River’s Prompt: The only word that came to mind was…

The only word that came to mind was perfection. I was standing in the corner of the barely lit bar, watching him work the counter. Of course, he didn’t have a clue I even existed in this world, but the pleasure of watching him work was enough for me.

Tonight, like every Saturday night for the past two months, I was going home after a couple of drinks, get my BOB and imagine his hands running all over me; doing things to my womanly parts that my fake boyfriend couldn’t do.

My body lit up from inside out when he started to move to the beat. The spotlights behind the bar illuminating his lean, but very fit, body seem to scream “look at him, watch him ladies”.

Then, he picked up his tools and started working his magic. I was transfixed on his skillful hands. I watched him twirl and spin the bottles, throwing them in the air, catching them with ease then do it all over again in ten different ways.

He was magnificent. I was starting imagining his perfect hands using those skills on my own body; his long, limber fingers caressing me from my neck, down over my chest, all the way to my bellybutton and lower, and lower… I shivered in excitement.

The music changed and he poured the cocktail into glasses. I watched his hand as he proceeded to decorate said cocktails. My mind was so lost imagining what dirty things he could do to me, that I missed his next movements.

I looked up when I realized I was staring into space because he had moved. My eyes widened in shock when I saw him heading my way.

“No, that can’t be possible,” I thought to myself. I turned to see if there was anyone behind me, someone who drew his attention, but no, it was just me in that corner of the bar.

“Oh God, what do I do? What do I say?” Then I didn’t have time to decide because he was in front of me, a devilish smile on his lips, and a cocktail in his hand. He leaned forward and I nearly swooned when I caught his scent.

Spicy cologne mixed with just a bit of sweat, the perfect combination for a manly man. Then, he spoke and I knew I was in love.

“The perfect drink, for the perfect woman,” he said in a deep voice.

My heart melted, my body trembled in pleasure, and I presented him with a huge smile. In that moment I knew, he was my ‘the one’.

About E.R. River

What can I say about me; I’m a young woman (29 going on 30), I’m married and have three children. I live in Romania and I’m a working mom. I love animals and gardening. I cook and bake for my family, I also like to crochet. 
   I like reading and writing, I’ve been writing since I was five but only for the last couple of years I discovered a writing site for amateurs writers where I can share my stories. Like every writer, I hope someday I’ll see my stories published.
Here’s the link to E.R’s story “Panther’s Mate” published on Wattpad

If you are a writer or artist and would like to join in the fun please don’t hesitate to contact me HERE.


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