Amazing, Awesome, Wonderful, Fantastic News! I’ve Been Offered A Publishing Contract!

Monday morning, I awoke like it was any other day, because, well, it was.

I woke up, dragged my butt to the shower, made myself some Vegemite toast, (breakfast of champions!), got dressed, all ready to head out on a Pokemon hunt before work.

Yes, I’m on Pokemon Go.


So there I am, all rugged up to venture out into the real world to go catch virtual creatures. I pick up my phone, check my emails…

There’s an email from the Editor asking me for my full manuscript!

Now, I was a little surprised due to the fact that when I resubmitted at the beginning of July, she said to give a full 6 weeks. It’s only been two and a half!

So, nervously, I send through the whole book, with every intention of putting it out of my mind. I feel physically ill each time I send back revisions for evaluation.

10mins later… There’s a contract for my novella ‘The Last Dragon Rider’ in my inbox!

I seriously stared at my inbox for a full 10mins thinking I’d been hacked! Had someone pulled some kind of sick joke on me? Nope, I was staring at a seriously legitimate contract for my book!

Honestly, words cannot express how excited, I am!

Elated! Ecstatic! Thrilled! Happy! And so many more words I cannot even grasp right now!

Once I stopped with the happy dance and gleeful squealing, I had to get ready for work! I mean, really? Work!

Sorry Pokemon, I got distracted by real world happenings!

Now comes the careful reading of the contract, luckily I have made some great friends to help me with this.

You know who you are, and I love you!

Sooooooooo excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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6 thoughts on “Amazing, Awesome, Wonderful, Fantastic News! I’ve Been Offered A Publishing Contract!

  1. Cynthia says:

    i’m supposed to be on hiatus right now (full story very very very complicated and boring but can be requested and may not be responded-to until august…) but I SAW THE EMAIL AND OH MY DEAR GODS THAT’S SO AWESOME CONGRATS!!!!!!!! ALKDFJHAKLDJFHAKJDH!!!!

    Liked by 1 person

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